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The november Meeting Rentals

Self- Catering Accommodation for The November Race Meeting Cheltenham 2019

This page offers privately owned houses and apartments, which are rented specifically for the "The November Meeting"at Cheltenham, and Self-Catering Short Term Holiday Let rental properties.

For the owners security no photographs of private houses will be shown on this page, however with permission I may be able email photographs direct.

Please also view the Holiday Let Accommodation section which offers Holiday Let Self-Catering Accommmodation for The Open. Photos and full details will be available on this section.

The Open 2019 - 15th 16th 17th NOVEMBER 2019

The accommodation is priced on a "per night" basis and there is a minimum booking of 2 nights on ALL properties and some may require 3 nights to be booked.

AddressPostcodeMax GuestsBedooms and BathroomsPer NightBooked
Eldorado Road, CheltenhamGL50168 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms£2,000 
St Georges Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 3DUup to 148 bedrooms4 bathrooms£2,000 
Hillcourt Road,CheltenhamGL50 3JJ5-103 twins, 2 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,000 
Park Place, CheltenhamGL5065 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms£2,000 
Suffolk Road, CheltenhamGL50 2SZ126 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms £2,000 
London Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6DF55 bedrooms 3 bathrooms£1,000 
Broadacre Road, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3HU5-65 bedrooms,3 bathrooms ,1 person per room only£1,000 
Clarence Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2AY4-84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,000 
Hilltop Road, Cheltenham GL52 4NN101 triple, 3 twins, 1 single , 4 bathrooms£1,000 
Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham 2nd propertyGL52 2NR105 kings/twins, 3 bathrooms£1,000 
Winchcombe Street, CheltenhamGL52 2NR105 kings/twins, 3 bathrooms£1,000 
St Stephens Road, CheltenhamGL51 3ABup to 103 doubles, 2 twins, 3 b/rooms£1,000 
Swindon Lane, Cheltenham GL50 4PG5-92 kings, 2 twins, 1sgl 3 b/rooms£800 
London Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6DFup to 84-5 doubles, 3 bathrooms£1,000 
Southam Lane, CheltenhamGL52 3NY105 doubles, 4 bathrooms£1,000 
London Road, CheltenhamGL52 6EX5-105 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,000 
Cleevelands Avenue, CheltenhamGL50 4PS105 twins, 3 b/rooms£1,000 
Harvest Street, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3PQ4-84 doubles, 3 bathrooms£600 
Clarence Square, CheltenahmGL50 4JN84 doubles, 3 b/rooms£800 
Cambray Place, CheltenhamGL50 1JS102 triples, 2 twins, 2 b/rooms£800 
Hillcourt Road, Cheltenham GL52 3JJ73 kings,twins, 1 single, 3 bathrooms£800Reserved
Queens Road, CheltenhamGL50 2NE5-93 dbls, 1 twin 1 single 2b/rooms£800 
Thirlestaine Road, CheltenhamGL53 7AS4-84 doubles/twins, 2 b/roooms£800 
Priory Lane, Bishops CleeveGL52 8JL84 twins, 2 bathrooms£560 
Naunton Park Road, CheltenhamGL53 7BG1010 beds in 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms£650 
Three Sisters Lane, CheltenhamGL52 5SA7-105 bedrooms 2 bathrooms£650 
Cirencester Road, CheltenhamGL53 8DB 4 doubles, 3 bathrooms£650 
Glebe Road, Cheltenham racecourse GL52 3DG4-84 bedrooms, 2 b/rooms£600 
Tivoli Road, CheltenhamGL50 2TD64 doubles, 1 single, 3 bathrooms£650 
Swindon Lane, CheltenhamGL50 2AW53 doubles, 2 singles, 2 bathrooms£650 
Thirlestaine Road, CheltenhamGL53 7AS83 twins, 1 double, 2 bathrooms£650 
Pittville Circus, Cheltenham centreGL52 2PX3-62 doubles, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£500 
Bafford Lane, CheltenhamGL53 8DN55 doubles, 2 bathrooms£500 
Milsom Street, CheltenhamGL50 4BE62 twins, 2 singles, 1 bathroom£600 
Barley Road, CheltenhamGL52 3PF4-83 doubles, 1 twin, 3 bathrooms£500 
Joyford Passage, CheltenhamGL52 5GD84 doubles/twins 2 bathrooms£500 
Victoria Terrace, Cheltenham centreGL52 6BN3-43 doubles, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£500 
Victoria Terrace, CheltenhamGL52 6BN4-61 twin, 1 doubbel, 1 sgl/twin , 2 b/rooms£500 
High Street, CheltenhamGL50 1DZ 63 doubles or 2 twins, 1 dbl£500 
Fleckers Drive, CheltenhamGL82 twins, 1 dbl1 sofa bed£400 
Stoneville Street, Cheltenham centreGL51 8PH4 0nly1 twin, 2 doubles, 2 bathrooms£500 
Village Mews, Village Road, CheltenhamGL51 0AG62 doubles, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£400 
Village Mews, Village Road, CheltenhamGL51 0AG63 doubles , 2 bathrooms 1 fold up bed£400 
Church Road, CheltenhamGL51 7AL7-82 dbls, 1 twin, 1 sgl, 1 futon£420 
Victoria Terrace, CheltenhamGL52 6BN53 double, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£480 
New Barn Lane, CheltenhamGL52 3LF73 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£490 
Benhall Avenue, CheltenhamGL51 6AE72 doubles, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£420 
St Michaels Close, CheltenhamGL53 9DW84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£480 
Leckhampton Road, CheltenhamGL53 0BJ41 double, 1 twin 2 bathrooms£480 
Leckhampton Place, CheltenhamGL53 0FA2-63 doubles, 2 b/rooms£480 
Queens Road, CheltenhamGL50 2LT42 twins/dbls£350 
St Georges road, Cheltenham centreGL50 3DU42 doubles 2 bathrooms£350 
Lawrence Close, Cheltenham GL52 6NN4-84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£480 
Mandarin Way, Wymans Brook, CheltenhamGL50 4RT63 dbl/twins, 1 bathroom£360 
Hilltop Road, Cheltenham GL50 4NN62 twins, 1 double, 1 sgl, 2 bathrooms£360 
St Georges Road Cheltenham centreGL50 3ED22 twins, 2 bathrooms£300 
Glebe Road, CheltenhamGL52 3DG4 or 62 doubles, 2 singles, 2 bathrooms£360 
Twyning, TewkesburyGL20102 sgls, 4 sets bunks, 2 b/rooms£500 
St Stephens Road, CheltenhamGL51 3AB41 double/twin 1 sofabed, 1 bathroom£300 
Carter Road, CheltenhamGL51 0US61 dbl&Sgl, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£480 
Welland Lodge Road, CheltenhamGL52 3EZ62 doubles, 1 king£360 
Sussex Avenue, CheltenhamGL51 8AW62 twins, 2 singles, 1 bathroom£360 
Brighton Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6BA4-63 doubles, 1 bunk set, 2 bathrooms£360 
Carlton Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 6AQ63 doubles, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£360 
Victoria Street, CheltenhamGL50 4HU41 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£320 
Priors Road, CheltenhamGL52 5AA61 twin, 4 singles, 2 bathrooms£360 
Sheepscombe Close, CheltenhamGL51 6BE4 or 62 doubles, 1 single, 1 sofabed,1 bathroom£360 
Parabola Road, CheltenhamGL5041 double, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£360 
Linwell Close, CheltenhamGL50 4SDup to 62 doubles, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£360 
Albion Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 2RQ 2-41 double, 1 sgl/twin 2 b/rooms£320 
Old Bath Road, CheltenahmGL53 9EG52 doubles, 2 singles, 1 bathroom£300 
The Burgage, CheltenhamGL52 3DN51 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£400 
Fleckers Drive, CheltenhamGL51 3BD72 doubles, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£420 
Wellington Square, Cheltenham GL51 8GA51 dble/twin, 1 set bunk beds, 2 bathrooms£300 
Barley Road, CheltenhamGL52 3PF3-52 doubles, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£300 
Albert Road, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 2QX2-42 doubles/twins£300 
Upper Bath Street, CheltenhamGL50 2BA42 doubles, £300 
Roman Hackle Avenue CheltenhamGL50 4RF41 twin, 2 singles£250 
Coltham Fields, CheltenhamGL52 6TH2-42 doubles/twins£250 
Yorkley Road, CheltenhamGL52 5FP2-42 doubles£250 
Regency Square, Shurdington Road, CheltenhamGL42 doubles, 2 bathrooms£250 
Parabola Road, CheltenhamGL50 3AH41 twin, 1 double, 2 bathrooms£300Reserved
Victoria Place, CheltenhamGL52 2ES63 doubles, 2 bathrooms£300 
Oak Avenue, CheltenhamGL52 6JG51 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£300 
Roxton Drive, CheltenhamGL52 2DE63 doubles, 1 single, 1 bathroom£300 
Bouncers Lane, Prestbury, CheltenhamGL52 5JB4-52 doubles, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£300 
Bouncers Lane, Prestbury, CheltenhamGL52 5JB52 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£300 
The Park, Cheltenham GL50 2RW42 doubles, 1 bathroom£300 
Hatherley Street, CheltenhamGL50 2TH4-52 dbls, 1 sgl, £250 
Folly Lane, CheltenhamGL50 4BY42 doubles 2 b/rooms£250 
Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham3LQ41 dbl, 1 twin, 1 king 2 bathrooms£250 
School Lane, RippleGL2062 twins, 1 king, 2 bathrooms£200 
Albert Road, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3JA2-42 doubles£300 
Hewlett Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6AR2-41 double, 1 double sofa bed£200 
Wellington Square, Cheltenham centreGL50 4AB2-42 doubles £250 
New Barn Lane, CheltenhamGL50 4JU51 dbl & sgl, 1 set bunks, 2 bathrooms£300 
Roman Road, CheltenhamGL52 6JB42 doubles£250 
Brymore Close, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3DY2-42 doubles£200 
Quat Goose Lane, CheltenhamGL51 9RU63 twins, 1 bathroom£360 
Victoria Street, CheltenhamGL50 4HU31 single, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£360 
Cold Pool Lane, BadgeworthGL51 4UP3-62 doubles, 1 dbl/twin 1 sofa bed£400 
Elmfield Avenue, CheltenhamGL51 9JG2-31 double, 1 single, 1 bathroom£200 
Bouncers Lane, CheltenhamGL52 5JB52 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£300 
Fairhaven Court, CheltenhamGL52 2ES42 doubles, 1 bathroom£200 
Linden Close, Prestbury, CheltenhamGL52 3DU42 doubles, 1 bathroom£200 
Harp Hill, CheltenhamGL52 6PY41 twin, 1 double, 1 single, 1 bathroom£250 
Acacia Close, CheltenhamGL52 3EQ43 doubles£300 
Mandarin Way, CheltenhamGL52 6BP52 twins, 1 double, 1 bathroom£300 
Lansdown Place, Cheltenham centreGL50 2HX21 double/twin£200 
Montpellier Drive, Cheltenham centreGL50 1TB 2-42 doubles, 2 b/rooms£400 
Tommy Taylors Lane, CheltenhamGL50 4NP21 double, 1 bathroom£200 
Yew Tree Close, CheltenhamGL50 4RQ42 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£250 
Albemarle Gate, CheltenhamGL50 4PH2-42 doubles, 2 bathrooms£250 
Prestbury Road, CheltenhamGL52 3ER42 doubles£250 
Fairhaven Court, CheltenhamGL52 2QR2-42 doubles£250 
Roman Road, CheltenhamGL50 8AB2-42 doubles£250 
Princes Road, CheltenhamGL50 2TX42 doubles, 1 bathroom£250 
Ariel Lodge Road, CheltenhamGL52 2TB41 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£360 
Westbourne Drive, CheltenhamGL52 2QQ21 king or twin£250 
Pilley Lane, CheltenhamGL53 9ER42 doubles£200 
Victoria Retreat, CheltenhamGL50 2XP41 double/twin, 1 sofa bed£250 
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£300 
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£300 
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£300 
Princes Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 2TX42 doubles£250 
Fairview Street, CheltenhamGL52 2JJ42 double, 1 sofa bed, 1 bathroom£250 
Cudnall Street, CheltenhamGL52 2BG42 doubles, 1 single, 1 bathroom£250 
Windsor Street, CheltenhamGL52 2BG42 doubles, 1 bathroom£250 
Alexander Street, CheltenhamGL52 2AA41 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£250 
Lansdown Place, CheltenhamGL52 2JA42 twins£300 
Swindon Lane, CheltenhamGL50 4PB3-52 doubles, 1 single£250 
Upper Park Street, CheltenhamGL52 6SA2-42 doubles£250 
Gretton Road, GotheringtonGL52 9QU31 twin/superking, 1 single, 1 bathroom£200 
Selkirk Street,Cheltenham centreGL52 2HJ21 double£200 
Winstonian Road, CheltenhamGL5142 doubles, 1 bathroom£250 
Fortina Close, CheltenhamGL50 4RB41 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£300 
Argyll Road, CheltenhamGL50 2SW2 or 42 doubles£250 
New Barn Lane, CheltenhamGL5221 twin/double, 1 bathroom£200 
Tudor Lodge Drive, CheltenhamGL50 4GL42 doubles, 1 bathroom£250 
Wellington Square, Cheltenham centreGL50 4JU21 double or twin, 1 bathroom£200 
Kings Road, CheltenhamGL52 6BG21 double, 1 bathroom£200 
Montpellier Spa RoadGL50 1UL21 double, 1 bathroom£250Reserved
Hewlett Road, Cheltenham centreGL5221 twin£180 
The Park CheltenhamGL50 2SG21 double, £200 
The Reddings, CheltenhamGL51 6UD2-42 doubles150-200 
Wellington Street, Cheltenham GL50 1XY31 double, 1 single£250 
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£200 
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£200 
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£200 
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£200 
TwyningGL2042 twiins, 1 bathroom£200 
Upper Park Street, CheltenhamGL52 6SA21 double£250 
TwyningGL2031 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£200 
Upper Park Street, CheltenhamGL52 6SA21 double 1 sofa bed £200 
Keynshambury Road, CheltenhamGL5221 twin 1 bathroom£180 
Avenalls Parade, CheltenhamGL53 7QQ21 double, 1 bathroom£200 
Bouncers Lane, CheltenhamGL52 5JN21 double, 1 bathroom£150