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Gold Cup Rentals

Cheltenham Gold Cup 10th-13th March 2020

This page offers a list of privately owned houses and apartments available for rental specifically for The Festival 2020 in Cheltenham.
The price is based on 5 nights from Monday 9th-13th March 2020.
For the owners security no photographs will be shown on this page, however with permission I may be able to email photographs direct.

Please also view the Holiday let Self-Catering Accommodation section, which offers Holiday Let Self-Catering Accommodation for The Gold Cup.
Photos and a full property description is available in this section.

Gold Cup Accommodation is priced on 5 nights, Monday 9th to Friday 13th March 2020 inc
New properties are registering daily and may not appear on this list, or the owner may wish to be incognito. Please ring with your exact requirements as this is not the entire list.

AddressPostcodeMax GuestsBedooms and BathroomsPrice 5 nightsBooked
Eldorado Road, CheltenhamGL50168 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms10000 +VATBooked
St Georges Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 3DUup to 148 bedrooms 4 bathrooms£7,000Booked
Hillcourt Road,CheltenhamGL50 3JJ5-103 twins, 2 doubles, 2 bathrooms£6500-£5000-Booked
Oakley Road, Battledown, CheltenhamGL52 6NZ7-135 dbls ensuite 1 twin ensuite, swimming pool£8000-10000 
Newton Road, CheltenhamGL51 6QY6-124 doubles, 2 twins, 4 bathrooms£6,000Booked
Park Place, CheltenhamGL5065 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms£6,000 
Cleevelands DriveGL504-84 doubles, 3 bathrooms£6000-£4000Booked
Suffolk Road, CheltenhamGL50 2SZ126 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms £6000-£5000Reserved
Hewlett Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6TT84-5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms£5,000Booked
PainswickGL6105 doubles, 3 bathrooms£5,000 
London Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6DF56 bedrooms 4 bathrooms£5500-£6000Booked
Broadacre Road, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3HU5-65 bedrooms,3 bathrooms ,1 person per room only£5,000 
Clarence Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2AY4-84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£5,000 
Hilltop Road, Cheltenham GL52 4NN101 triple, 3 twins, 1 single , 4 bathrooms£5,000Booked
Rodney Road, Cheltenham centreGL505-94 twins or doubles, 1 sgl, 2 bathrooms£5,000Booked
Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham centreGL50 2NR85 doubles, 3 bathrooms£5,000Booked
Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham 2nd propertyGL52 2NR103 doubles, 2 twins or doubles, 3 bathrooms£5,000Booked
Winchcombe Street, CheltenhamGL52 2NR103 doubles, 2 twins or doubles, 3 bathrooms£5,000Booked
St Stephens Road, CheltenhamGL51 3ABup to 103 doubles, 2 twins, 3 b/rooms£4000-£5000Booked
Swindon Lane, Cheltenham GL50 4PG5-92 kings, 2 twins, 1sgl 3 b/rooms£5,000Booked
London Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6DFup to 85-6 doubles, 3 bathrooms£5,500Booked
Southam Lane, CheltenhamGL52 3NY105 doubles, 4 bathrooms£5,000Booked
London Road, CheltenhamGL52 6EX5-105 doubles, 2 bathrooms£5,000Booked
Cleevelands Avenue, CheltenhamGL50 4PS105 twins, 3 b/rooms£5,000Booked
Swindon Lane, CheltenhamGL50 2AW4-73 doubles, 2 singles, 2 bathrooms£4000-5000Booked
Parabola Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 3AH3-63 doubles or 1 dbl, 2 twins, 3 bathrooms£4,500 
Cambray Place, Cheltenham centreGL50 1JS10 £4,250Booked
Harvest Street, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3PQ4-81 twin/triple, 1 sgl, 1 twin, 1 dbl, 4 bathrooms£4,000Booked
Brosnan Drive, CheltenhamGL51 0GD6-82 dbl ensuites, 1 dbl, 2 sgls, bathroom£4,000 
Harvest Street, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3PQ4-83 doubles, 3 bathrooms£4,000Booked
Clarence Square, CheltenhamGL50 4JN84 doubles, 3 b/rooms£4,000 
Cambray Place, CheltenhamGL50 1JS102 triples, 2 twins, 2 b/rooms£5,000Booked
Leckhampton Road, CheltenhamGL53 0BD81 triple ensuite, 2 twins, 1 sgl, b/room£4000-3000 
Hillcourt Road, Cheltenham GL52 3JJ73 kings,twins, 1 single, 3 bathrooms£4,000Booked
Naunton Park Road, CheltenhamGL53 7BG88 beds in 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms£3,000Booked
Three Sisters Lane, CheltenhamGL52 5SA7-105 bedrooms 2 bathrooms£3500-£4000 
Barley Road, CheltenhamGL52 3PFup to 84-5 bedrooms 3 b/rooms£3000-£4000 
Eldon road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6TZ4-84 doubles, 3 b/rooms£3,500Booked
Bafford Lane, CheltenhamGL5384 doubles, 2 bathrooms£3,000Booked
Albemarle Gate, Cheltenham racecourseGL50 4PH62 twins, 1 single, 1 sgl in sitting room, 2 bathrooms£3,000Booked
Selkirk Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 2HH83 doubles, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£3,000 
Cirencester Road, CheltenhamGL53 8DB 4 doubles, 3 bathrooms£3,000Booked
Glebe Road, Cheltenham racecourse GL52 3DG4-84 bedrooms, 2 b/rooms£4000-£3000Booked
Tivoli Road, CheltenhamGL50 2TD64 doubles, 1 single, 3 bathrooms£3,500 
Swindon Lane, CheltenhamGL50 2AW53 doubles, 2 singles, 2 bathrooms£3,500Booked
Thirlestaine road, Cheltenham GL53 7ASup to 83 twins, 1 double, 2 b/rooms£2,800Booked
New Barn Lane, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3LBup to 105 twins, 3 bathrooms£2750-£3500 
Victoria Terrace, Cheltenham centreGL52 6BN51 twin,1 double, 1 single, 2 b/rooms£2,750 
Wellington Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2AF4-61 triple1 twin 1 sofa bed , 2 b/rooms£2,500Booked
Greenfield Drive, Bishops CleeveGL52 8FQ72 doubles, 1 twin, 1 sgl, 2 bathrooms£2,500Booked
East Approach Drive, racecourseGL52 3JE3-61 dbl ensute, 2 dbls, bathroom£2500-£2000Booked
Pittville Circus, Cheltenham centreGL52 2PX3-62 doubles, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£2,500Booked
Bafford Lane, CheltenhamGL53 8DN55 doubles, 2 bathrooms£2,500Reserved
Milsom Street, CheltenhamGL50 4BE62 twins, 2 singles, 1 bathroom£2,500Booked
Acacia Close, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3EQ61 double, 1 twin, 1 triple, 2 b/rooms£2,400Booked
St Lukes Place, Cheltenham centreGL53 7HSup to 42 doubles, 1 twin, 1single, 3 b/rooms£2,400Booked
High Street, CheltenhamGL50 1DZup to 63 dbsl or 2 dbls 1 twin£2,400 
Evesham Road, CheltenhamGL52 2AN5twin, double, single 2 b/rooms£2,400 
Victoria Terrace, Cheltenham centreGL52 6BN3-43 doubles, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£2,400Booked
Gambles Lane, WoodmancoteGL52 9PU4-62 doubles, 2 singles 2b/rooms2000-2500Booked
Village Mews, Village Road, CheltenhamGL51 0AG61 double , 2 twins, 2 bathrooms £2,250Booked
Church Road, CheltenhamGL51 7AL7-82 dbls, 1 twin, 1 sgl, 1 futon£2,250Booked
New Barn Lane, CheltenhamGL52 3LF73 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£2,100Booked
St Michaels Close, CheltenhamGL53 9DW84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£2,100Reserved
Limber Hill, CheltenhamGL50 4RJup to 62 doubles, 3 singles, 2 b/rooms£2,000Reserved
New Barn Lane, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3LBup to 42 twin, 2 doubles£2000-3000Booked
Elm Close, CheltenhamGL51 9AH52 twins, 1 single, £2,000Reserved
Glebe Road, Cheltenham racecourse GL52 3DG42 twins£2,000 
St James Street Cheltenham centreGL52 2SH42 twins£2,000 
Mandarin Way, racecourseGL50 4RX62 doubles, 2 singles£2,000 
Hales Mead, Hales Close CheltenhamGL52 6TE2-42 dbls 2 bathrooms£2,000 
Argyll Road CheltenhamGL53 7PZ3-61 dbl ensuite, 2 dbls, bathroom£2,000Booked
Cleevelands Drive, RacecourseGL50 4PS41 double ensuite 2 singles, bathroom£2,000Booked
The Verneys, Cheltenham centreGL53 7DB4-62 doubles, 1 sgl, 1 twin£2,000 
St Georges Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 3DU42 doubles 2 bathrooms£2,000Booked
Lawrence Close, Cheltenham GL52 6NN4-84 doubles, 2 bathrooms£2000-£3000Booked
Evesham Road, CheltenhamGL52 2AL3-62 doubles, 1 sofabed 2b/rooms£2000-£3000Booked
Portland square, Cheltenham centreGL52 2HS62 twins, 1 double, 2 b/rooms£2,000Reserved
Priors Road, CheltenhamGL52 5AN72 twins, 1dble, 1sgl, 1 bed in sitting room£2,000 
Mandarin Way, Wymans Brook, CheltenhamGL50 4RT63 dbl/twins, 1 bathroom£2,000Booked
St Georges Road Cheltenham centreGL50 3ED22 twins, 2 bathrooms£1,900Booked
Glebe Road, CheltenhamGL52 3DG4 or 62 doubles, 2 singles, 2 bathrooms£1,750Booked
Twyning, TewkesburyGL20102 sgls, 4 sets bunks, 2 b/rooms£1,870 
Linden Avenue, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3DP51 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 sofa bed in sitting room£1,800Booked
Westminster Close, Cheltenham centreGL53 7QP42 doubles£1500-£1800 
Westminster Close, Cheltenham centreGL53 7QP41 double, 1 twin, 1 single£1,800 
Dunalley Parade, Cheltenham centreGL50 4LT41 double, 1 twin, 1 single£2,000 
Wessex Drive, Cheltenham GL52 5AF up to 61 twin, 2 doubles, 2 b/rooms£1800-£2000 
Mead Road, Cheltenham 53 7PU3-43 doubles£1,800Reserved
Linden Avenue, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3DP51 double, 1 twin, 1 sofabed£1,800 
Carter Road, CheltenhamGL51 0US62 twins, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,800 
St Pauls Road, CheltenhamGL50 4BP62 twins, 1 double ensuite, 1 single£1,800 
Sussex Avenue, CheltenhamGL51 8AW62 twins, 2 singles, 1 bathroom£1,800Booked
Brighton Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6BA4-63 doubles, 1 bunk set, 2 bathrooms£1,800Booked
Carlton Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 6AQ63 doubles, 1 single, 2 bathrooms£1,800Booked
Victoria Street, CheltenhamGL50 4HU41 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,800 
Priors Road, CheltenhamGL52 5AA61 twin, 4 singles, 2 bathrooms£1,800Booked
Sheepscombe Close, CheltenhamGL51 6BE4 or 62 doubles, 1 single, 1 sofabed,1 bathroom£1,800 
Parabola Road, CheltenhamGL5041 double, 1 twin, 2 bathrooms£1,800Booked
Windsor Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 2DG3-63 doubles, 2bathrooms£1,800 
Linwell Close, CheltenhamGL50 4SDup to 62 doubles, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£1,800 
Coleford Road, CheltenhamGL52 5GR 2-41twin, 1 double, 1 single£1800-£1500 
Harvest Street, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3PH2-42 doubles or 1 double and 1 twin, 2 b/rooms£1,500Booked
Harvest Street, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3PH2-42 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,500Booked
Victoria Street, Cheltenham centreGL50 4HU31 twin/double, 1 single£1,500Booked
Lansdown Castle Drive, Cheltenham GL51 6AF31 twin, 1 single£1,500Booked
Lansdown Castle Drive, Cheltenham GL51 6AF31 twin, 1 single£1,500Booked
St Annes Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2SS2-42 doubles£1,500Booked
Sandford Street, Cheltenham centreGL502-42 doubles£1,500 
Portland Square, Cheltenham centreGL522-42 doubles£1,500 
Mill Street, Prestbury, CheltenhamGL52 3BE22 singles or 1 double£1,500 
Joyford Passage, CheltenhamGL52 5GD2-41 dbl ensuite, 1 twin£1,500 
Deep Street, Prestbury, Cheltenham racecourse GL52 3AN2-42 doubles£1250-£1500Booked
Glebe Road, PrestburyGL52 3DG3-63 doubles£1500-£2000Booked
Greenacre Way, Bishops CleeveGL52 8SJ4-61 dbl, 2 sgls, 1 sofa bed, 2 b/rooms£1,500 
All Saints Road, Cheltenham GL52 2HG2-42 doubles£1,500Booked
Sanderling Way ,Bishops CleeveGL52 8GR 4-51 king, 1 twin, 1 sgl, 2 b/rooms£1,500 
Upper Bath Street, CheltenhamGL50 2BA42 doubles, £1,500Booked
Roman Hackle Avenue CheltenhamGL50 4RF52 twin, 1 single£1500-£1800Booked
Parabola Road, CheltenhamGL50 3AH41 twin, 1 double, 2 bathrooms£1,500Booked
Humber Road, CheltenhamGL522-42 doubles£1,500 
Bloomsbury Street, CheltenhamGL51 8PG2-42 doubles£1,500 
Tobyfield Road, Bishops CleeveGL52 8NZ41 twin or double, 1 double, 1 single£1,500 
Victoria Retreat, Cheltenham centreGL50 2XP2-42 doubles£1,500 
Yew Tree Close, CheltenhamGL50 4RG4-52 twins, 1 single£1,500Booked
Victoria Place, CheltenhamGL52 2ES63 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,800Booked
Roxton Drive, CheltenhamGL52 2DE63 doubles, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,500Booked
Princes Road, Cheltenham centreGL50 2TX42 doubles£1,500 
The Park, Cheltenham GL50 2RF42 doubles, 1 bathroom£1,500Booked
St James Place, CheltenhamGL50 2EG42 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,500 
North Street, WinchcombeGL54 5PS42 twins or 1 double, 1 twin£1500-£1250Booked
School Lane, RippleGL2062 twins, 1 king, 2 bathrooms£1,500 
Hewlett Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 6AR2-41 double, 1 double sofa bed£1500-£1250Booked
Wellington Square, Cheltenham centreGL50 4AB2-42 doubles £1500-£1250Booked
Windsor Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 2BG42 doubles, 1 single£1,500Booked
Brymore Close, Cheltenham racecourseGL52 3DY2-42 doubles£1,500Booked
Lapwing Drive, Bishops CleeveGL52 8HE2-51 triple, 1 king£1250-£1500 
Ballinode Close, CheltenhamGL50 4SQ2-42 doubles, 1 sofa bed £1,250Booked
Quat Goose Lane, CheltenhamGL51 9RU63 twins, 1 bathroom£1,500Booked
Victoria Street, CheltenhamGL50 4HU31 single, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£1,500Booked
Gloucester road, Cheltenham centreGL51 8NB2-42 doubles£1250-£1500Booked
Elmfield Avenue, CheltenhamGL51 9JG2-31 double, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,500Booked
Fairhaven Court, CheltenhamGL52 2ES42 doubles, 1 bathroom£1,250Booked
Pittville Lawn, Cheltenham centreGL52 2BE3-41 double, 1 twin£1,250Booked
Swallowtail Close, Cheltenham GL51 0XJ2-42 doubles£1,250 
Stockwell Lane, WoodmancoteGL52 9QG2-31 dbl/twin , 1 single£1,250 
Linden Close, Prestbury, CheltenhamGL52 3DU42 doubles, 1 bathroom£1,250Booked
Carlton Street, Cheltenham centreGL52 6AQ3-41 twin, 1 single£1,250Booked
Gloucester Road , CheltenhamGL51 8NB2-42 doubles£1500-£1250Booked
Selbourne Road, Bishops CleeveGL52 8BT2-42 doubles or twins£1250-£1000 
Devonshire Street, Cheltenham centreGL50 3LS2-42 doubles£1,250Booked
Foxmoor, Bishops CleeveGL52 8SS2-31 twin or double, 1 single£1,250 
Edendale Approach, CheltenhamGL51 0UH2-42 doubles£1,250Booked
Pittville Circus Road, CheltenahmGL52 2GD21 double£1,250 
GotheringtonGL52 9SB51 double, 1 twin, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,250 
Tommy Taylors Lane, CheltenhamGL50 4NP21 double, 1 bathroom£1,250 
Albemarle Gate, CheltenhamGL50 4PH2-42 doubles, 2 bathrooms£1,200Booked
Fairhaven Court, CheltenhamGL52 3QR2-42 doubles£1,200Booked
Fairhaven Court, CheltenhamGL52 2QR2-42 doubles£1,200Booked
Roman Road, CheltenhamGL50 8AB2-42 doubles£1,200Booked
Ariel Lodge Road, CheltenhamGL52 2TB61 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£1,200Booked
Westbourne Drive, CheltenhamGL52 2QQ21 king or twin£1,200 
Pilley Lane, CheltenhamGL53 9ER42 doubles or 1 double 1 twin£1,200Booked
Victoria Retreat, CheltenhamGL50 2XP41 double/twin, 1 sofa bed£1,500Booked
Victoria Street, Bourton on the WaterGL5431 double, 1 single, 1 shower room£1,200 
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£1,200Booked
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£1,200Booked
TwyningGL2063 twins, 1 bathroom£1,200Booked
London road, CheltenhamGL52 6UT2-31 double £1,200 
Windsor Street, CheltenhamGL52 2BG42 doubles, 1 bathroom£1,250Booked
Alexander Street, CheltenhamGL52 2AA41 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£1,200Reserved
Gretton Road, GotheringtonGL52 9QU31 twin/superking, 1 single, 1 bathroom£1,000 
New Barn Lane, CheltenhamGL5221 twin/double, 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Whaddon Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 5NA2-41 double, 1 twin£1,250 
Noverton Lane, CheltenhamGL5221 double, 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Tudor Lodge Drive, CheltenhamGL50 4GL42 doubles, 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Wellington Square, Cheltenham centreGL50 4JU21 double or twin, 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Montpellier Spa RoadGL50 1UL21 double, 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Evesham Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2AB21 double£1250-£1000 
The Park CheltenhamGL50 2SG21 double, £1,000 
York Street, CheltenhamGL52 2JT42 doubles , 1 bathroom£1,000Booked
Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham centreGL52 2GD21 double, 1 bathroom£1,000 
Cold Pool Lane, BadgeworthGL51 4UP2-41 double, 1 sofa bed£800 
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£880Booked
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£880Booked
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£880Booked
TwyningGL2042 twins, 1 bathroom£880Booked
TwyningGL2042 twiins, 1 bathroom£880Booked
TwyningGL2031 double, 1 twin, 1 bathroom£880Booked
Upper Park Street, CheltenhamGL52 6SA21 double 1 sofa bed £750Booked
Keynshambury Road, CheltenhamGL5221 twin 1 bathroom£750Booked
Avenalls Parade, CheltenhamGL53 7QQ21 double, 1 bathroom£750Booked
Aston Grove, CheltenhamGL18 1JJ41 twin, 1 double, 2 bathrooms£750 
Bouncers Lane, CheltenhamGL52 5JN21 double, 1 bathroom£650Booked
Bourton on the WaterGL542-41 double or twin, 1 double£600