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#Bookdirect Day 3rd February 2021

#Bookdirect Day 3rd February 2021

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Did you know when you use a booking platform like Airbnb or online travel agent like cottages .com anywhere between 20 and 35% of what you pay goes to them rather than the owner
Many of us have our own websites and just like hotels you almost always get a better deal when you book direct
But it's hard for you to find us on google because they spend so much on advertising us little guys just can't compete 😪😪
Wednesday 3rd of Feb is #bookdirect day. So if you're thinking of booking a staycation this year anywhere at all - not just with us - search #bookdirect on here and see if you can't find your perfect break and get a great deal with the owner.
🙏🙏Please S H A R E this post too - we want to raise awareness about bookdirect day at a time when many of our businesses have been hit really hard by all the lockdowns🙏🙏

Many thanks

Liz from Cheltenham Racing Accommodation